Thursday, August 7, 2008

Man of my Dreams

I met a man yesterday. He's tall. Slightly graying hair, but in men that means they're distinguished right? A little older than myself but that's a good thing. He listened to every word I had to say. Every. Single. Word. And he acted on them. I think I'm in love.

Oh. I don't mean like that! C'mon on, I'm a happily married woman! This man I met was the Maternal Fetal Medicine Dr that my OB referred me to. And oh my goodness! He is the best doctor I have ever met! I knew I liked him before he even came into my room. See, I could hear him in the room next to me and the way he talked to that patient was unlike anything I'd heard before. He was patient. He took his time. He explained things. I heard him going on and on about their ultrasound in detail even though everything was perfect on it. In all my experiences with 3 different OB's all I got was everything looked good. I couldn't wait for my turn!

When he came in he made us at ease instantly. And then he started talking about the trisomy issue. Yup! He read my entire chart before he came into our room. He knew every issue that was going on and addressed them all. He took everything I said and felt and totally validated it. There is nothing worse than mentioning something that's bothering you to just have it dismissed. Let's get you screened for MS, Let's get you into a rhumatologist, I've got several more blood tests my I'd like to have done on you. Everything covered in my family history? I'm getting tested for it! I love a proactive doctor!

He was a little shocked that after 3 healthy babies we are now having a trisomy issue. Especially being so young, his words not mine. Before for my age the chance of having a trisomy issue was 1 in 200. Now it's 1 in 100. I knew it increased the chances and there was no cut and dry of you will or you won't have another trisomy baby. So that hasn't really changed things one way or another. But it feels awesome having a doctor going to bat for me.

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Crystal said...

WOO HOO! I am so happy for you!! What a great feeling to have a Dr that listens to you!!!