Friday, July 11, 2008

Super Sonic

For years now my dear hubby and I have been drooling over the Sonic commercials that have graced the screens of our television. Those juicy burgers and ice cream concoctions are beyond tantalizing. But here's the catch. They ran the commercials here in Merry old Michigan, where there just happened to be ZERO Sonics! The closest Sonic was 200 miles from here.

So you can imagine our excitement when 4 weeks ago they opened a Sonic about 45 minutes from our house. Sure we couldn't wait to try the tempting treats but an hour and a half round trip for fast food? We couldn't quite justify that. So we waited. We knew we'd be in that area eventually since my sister only lives about five minutes from the new restaurant. And today was the day. I didn't eat at all today in anticipation of sinking my teeth into steaming hot juicy burger. By the time I picked my boys up from my sisters house I was starving so it was a grab and go with the boys. No time to visit.

We mosey our way on over to Sonic which happens to be in a Meijer parking lot and that's where the confusion begins. Sonic is to my left yet the signs say I have to go to my right for the drive thru. So me being me - I go right, to the restaurant. Why would I drive to the middle of a parking lot when I want burgers I reasoned. I go to pull in and there's a teen there DIRECTING people. I tell him I'm going to the drive thru and he asks me if I waited in line. Um no. I can see the line of about 10 cars in front of me. He tells me I have to go out and follow the signs to the line and they'll give me directions there. So I leave and follow my way around, and low and behold. The line. There was about 15 people lined up in the parking lot of Meijers waiting for their turn to go get in line at Sonic!!! As tempting as their food may be, the three very crabby boys in the back persuaded me to leave.

So tell me friends. Is Sonic really worth it?


The Fritz Facts said...

I don't know, but will find out soon. They are finally opening one near us, and I can't wait!

Crystal said...

I wouldn't say it's worth ALL that! But it's pretty good.

Heather said...

I don't know about all that waiting or driving but they do have the best strawberry slushy in the world. It's gooood. Their burgers and everything else are just about the same as everywhere else, IMO. :)

justabeachkat said...

Hi Amy

First, thanks so much for your very sweet comment. It really touched my heart.

Since my company just left yesterday, I'm gradually trying to catch up on my blog reading.

I know you're still struggling with your losses. Like the old saying "it just takes time" and it's never easy. I'll pray for you though.

Your bread recipe sounds so darn yummy and easy too. I mentioned to my Mom and Aunt just the other day that I haven't used my bread machine in f-o-r-e-v-e-r. There's nothing like smelling fresh homemade bread. Yum!

As far as's okay, but I personally wouldn't make a special trip.


gretchen from lifenut said...

They have my favorite fast food hamburger: The #1 with mayo and mustard, cheese, and extra pickles. Sooooo good.

My husband loves when the have the chicken fried steak sandwiches.

The breakfast burritos are very tasty.

The chocolate cream pie shake is another favorite of mine.

I wouldn't say it's worth it to wait in a line for terribly long, though. Go back when the hype settles down. Restaurants are never at their best when they first open for business, anyway.

Cheryl Lage said...

Our nearest one is about 45 minutes away as well, on the way home from an occasional trip we make. If gas prices drop, I'd say yep! Worth it! One tasty burger!

Adding you to my blog roll!