Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Foto Finish

I was combing through all my photos, looking for motormouths birth pictures, I stumbled across this one.
THIS is what it's all about. Motormouth loving on his baby brother. It's hard to believe they were ever so little!! Just look at Motormouths sweet pudgy hands and giant melon! And the Little One, so small. I miss those days. They couldn't talk back to me then.

Go visit Carrie and join in the Friday Foto Fiesta!


Susie said...

That's so beautiful!!

Teri said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Deanna said...

Awww....that is sooo cute!
Thanks for stopping :)

Matt's Miscellany said...

That picture is adorable.

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, another mom with three boys! They do exist! For a while there I thought I was the only one on this crazy-boy-wild-ride! This pic is SOOOO sweet!

Heather said...

So cute, Amy! This is how big they still are in my head...don't make me face the facts :) I gave you an award over at my blog..stop by and pick it up!